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Removals from UK to Spain


Storage services in the UK and Spain.

If you assets that need to be stored Mudanzas Tarragona can help you by providing safe and protected storage in either one of our branches in the UK or the destination in Spain.

If you are planning to move to Spain, Mudanzas Tarragona offers our removal service from UK to Spain.

Mudanzas Tarragona can visit visit your property for a quote with no obligation. If you decide to move With Mudanzas Tarragona to Spain, you won’t have to move a finger our team will be responsible for wrapping and packaging your belongings, load everything in to our trucks and take them to your new home in Spain. Then unload and place the items in your new residence.

Load sharing service to Spain

This service allows you to share a vehicle with another client moving to Spain. We will pack up your goods on an agreed date by you and transport them on a shared vehicle bring to Spain.

Mudanzas Tarragona, will deliver your goods at your home at the date and time of delivery preset. You will be informed of the date and schedule delivery time. This service is ideal if you can be flexible with the date of delivery because this would lower the cost by sharing the transportation.

Load direct service to Spain

Mudanzas Tarragona, packs your belongings at your home, then they will load everything on one of our trucks and transport it to your new home in Spain. You can specify the delivery date which may be the most convenient for you.

We move between
the UK and Spain:

  • Removals from the Uk to Spain

  • Removals from Spain to the Uk

Mudanzas tarragona

Quality Movers

When we arrive at your home, the care of your furniture is our priority and our main concern. All furniture is covered and protected carefully, and subsequently carried to our truck. All furniture and items are controlled by an inventory list, of which a copy is given to the client.

We use special protections for sofas, chairs and mattresses to assure their well protected during the transportation. All furnishings are protected with blankets and bubble wrap and delicate items such as televisions, mirrors, glass, etc. are specially packaged for maximum security.

After the entire trip once we arrive with the truck to your new home, the furniture and items will be placed where you specify with the utmost care from our Mudanzas Tarragona operators, and all furniture and other items will be revised with the inventory list.

In the process of your removal, packaging is a very important part to us.

Mudanzas Tarragona offers you 2 possibilities:

  1. A professional packing service that includes your entire home, from your best tableware and glassware to the least delicate items.
  2. We can pack the most fragile items such as tableware, glassware, decorative objects, lamps, pictures and you can pack the less delicate items.


When you trust your furniture and items with Mudanzas Tarragona, for the removal you are already in good hands.

Therefore we cover your belongings to a total of 300 £ per m3 / 35.31 ft³ (cubic meter / cubic feet).

However if you want to expand the coverage of the value of your belongings, we provide additional insurance through our insurance company.